See what our clients are saying about our brand.

Rute Raposo

“When I first met Digibook, I was immediately surrendered for the sympathy, for its products, but especially for accepting my challenges.
I wanted something personalized, different and unique, and Digibook immediately embraced my project, working closely with me to create the perfect product that fits my branding. They quickly went from suppliers to friends, friends I can count on both professionally and personally.
They make the impossible possible, and for me it's extremely valuable and rare. Digibook, besides being the best in customer service, are the best in the products they produce, have a work of excellence, done with all the love, care and perfection in every detail.
My customers are delighted with the product and know they bring home a quality product that will preserve their most valuable memories.
Digibook is the best partner I could ever have.”

Portrait Photographer

Filipe Coelho

"We always expect a lot from our suppliers, the degree of demand is constant and we always expect the best of the best. With Digibook that's exactly what we get, with a united and cohesive team that surprises in the smallest details. From print to finish, they demonstrate the care and attention in each album because they know that each one tells a story and this is timeless. When we are with the whole team, it's like family."

Wedding Photographer

Finn Mooney

“As an international Wedding Photographer I always encourage my clients to get a wedding album, its a very important part of the process and therefore the design, printing and assembly of the wedding album is a very important piece of that process. My choice of wedding album suppler is Digibook in Portugal. I chose Digibook to work with as I believe that they are a supplier that I can trust implicitly with my clients images and albums, Digibook in Portugal are more than an album manufacturing company. I have been using Digibook as my main album supplier for many years and I cannot recommend them highly enough as the care, attention, quality and communication that is given by Digibook to clients is world class and in my opinion these qualities make Digibook the best wedding album supplier  in Europe and beyond.”

Wedding Photographer

Francisco Toipa

“Quality above all!

Working with Digibook was the best thing that ever happened to me. It's great to be able to work with someone who truly cares about their customers and puts in their products the care and dedication of those who really like what they do.

It's a privilege to have Digibook as a partner!”

Newborn Photographer

Sérgio Murillo

“I have been a Digibook customer for more than 7 years, and today they are not only my supplier, we are partners. I was always able to count on Digibook and the human part makes their service different. It is definitely worth being part of this team!!“

Wedding Photographer

John McMahon


“I've been a happy user of Digibook for the past number of years....a relationship being set up through their rep in Ireland Ray Nolan. Their albums fulfill the highest of standards that I demand for my clients and is one of the reasons for our successful relationship. The other reason is their superb customer support that I've relied upon over the years. An example would be Christmas week 2016....realizing I hadn't ordered an album for a client for the holiday period, it was ordered on a Tuesday and delivered to Ireland by the Saturday....fantastic effort on their behalf to assist me when i most needed it.

Despite trying other Album suppliers, I keep coming back to Digibook as a result of their impeccable customer service and quality Craftsmanship...indeed it will be a relationship that will last a life time.

Superb albums, superb customer support, superb business!!”

Wedding Photographer

John Sexton


“I’ve been a very happy customer of DigiBook now for a number of years and I highly recommend them. I’ve tried two different Italian album manufacturers, two British and also one Irish and I’ve settled on DigiBook as my sole supplier of albums. The quality and finish of their albums is excellent and the choice of covers and materials is impressive. However, the most important factor for me is the personal service. Through Ray Nolan, their representative here in Ireland, I receive a first class service as a customer. As a wedding photographer I’m simply the ‘middle-man’ between my own customers and DigiBook as the album provider, so I need to be 100% sure that my customers are happy with a quality product and one that’s going to last a lifetime; and DigiBook offer that service completely. In busy periods when multiple albums are ordered at once, sometimes I can make a mistake and omit an order or get an order incorrect and once I’ve flagged that issue with Ray, DigiBook are fast to act and will prioritise that album to make sure it’s not delayed. That kind of personal attention is commendable and it’s nice to see that in business today.”

Wedding Photographer

Fábio Tito

“A while ago, an acquaintance told me about a company that produced quality albums that were extremely strict in detail and finish. Today after more than 5 years, I know that Digibook is much more than an album company, it is also part of my work and where there is a team always ready to help me, both in my ideas as in my doubts. Each story is unique and this is revealed in Digibook's dedication, elegance and good taste. Delivering the album to the customer and moments later seeing them amazed is so rewarding.”

Wedding Photographer

Fiona Fuller

“I am a long established Wedding Photographer and a perfectionist in my work so therefore i sought out the best Wedding Storybook suppliers and found it with Digibook. Their attention to detail, personal assistance and the lifetime guarantee they give with the books reassured me I was trusting in a very reputable company. Recently I made a visit to Digibook in Portugal to up skill my work productivity, to view many of their new products and was delighted to meet personally with the Digibook team. Trust is so important in todays changing world and I can do that 100% with Digibook.”

Wedding Photographer

Pedro Pinto

“I discovered Digibook through a contact made by the company to make a presentation. Conceição's sympathy on the phone and Helder's kindness in the presentation easily won me over when I was dissatisfied with my graphic partner at the time. After that, it was a rapid escalation of a professional relationship that easily became a personal relationship and friendship that made us work “with eyes closed”, easily aligning all our ideas with the creativity and good taste that guides the people that make up Digibook. I don't look for big names in the market, big gadgets or big promises. I just want a partner who helps me deliver the best to my customers and Digibook does it sublime. Thank you Digibook!”

Wedding Photographer

Adrian O Neill

“We are very pleased with the work Digibook has created for our company. Their innovative and modern style of designing is exactly what our clients are looking for. We can always rely on their staff to pay close attention to what we are aiming for in every project and they always deliver spectacular results. We have been in business for six years and have worked with lots of album companies in that time. Digibook have been a true pleasure to work with. Their variety of design styles helps us keep our equally diverse clientele satisfied. The Staff are extremely talented and we always get our albums back quickly. We look forward to a long working relationship with Digibook!”

Wedding Photographer

Rui Torres

"Encontrei na Digibook, um parceiro que me faz sentir que sou mais que um número, mas sim um amigo. Sempre disponíveis para resolver todas as soluções e sempre com ideias para encontrar as melhores soluções. Isto complementa-se com a qualidade dos produtos que disponibilizo aos meus clientes."

Family Photographer